Free infographics tool worth using

Just seen this tool, nice way to make presentations look a little more interesting and stop death by powerpoint.

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Coca Cola Finds No Benefit to short term sales from Social Media

An interesting article from a company with more Facebook Fans than any other. There are a number of contrasting views on this, the Grocer recently in the UK talked about the value of social media on short term sales for a number of FMCG companies. More analysis is required to really understand the true value on both sales and long term brand equity.


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The star of British Cycling has some wise words for advertising

Being a planning team that likes a fair bit of cycling we liked this article from the king of british cycling Sir David Brailsford. Essentially Sir David tries to ensure that analysis is based on actual data and empirical evidence and tries to reduces athlete’s “inner chimps,” the emotional centre at the base of most human decision making. When thinking about our own industry how many times do we see people recommending ideas and thinking based on emotion and current fads rather than structured and rigorously analysed data. We should all aspire to me more like Sir David. Enjoy the article.

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